Swagat means ‘Welcome’
Where one can experience celebration of Indian cultural diversity, Swagat restaurant showcases ingredient led contemporary Indian cuisine that demonstrates the highly skilled technique and relentless drive for perfection that has become our trade mark.
Swagat strips away the rigid formalities of dining while focusing on food, warm service and relaxed casual ambience, paralleling the true essence of its name.
Come and experience authentic Indian cuisine at it best. We open 7 days a week from 8.30am to 8.30pm, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

About our Food

Here at Swagat we work with only the best food suppliers, insuring that we always have the best and  fresh ingredients.  With us you’ll find a large variety of dishes made satisfy any taste, from sea food, lamb, Chicken, Vegetarian mains and starters to variety of natural soups and breads, salads, deserts and vines.  As we prepare everything fresh.  That’s is why most of the meals can be made per your request


“We are more about keeping it simple; let the flavours speak for themselves,  with decent honest cooking with little faff”

“Time and again our regular customers have complimented on our friendly and helpful service staff who have made every experience of dining with us a memorable one…”